Teamwork, quality & agility
Our experience, skills and process are proven to deliver success

20+ years of successful project implementation and rescue has given Newgrange Technologies deep experience in all phases of the software development lifecycle. We've implemented everything from real-time medical device software to cloud scale systems for America's largest healthcare, travel, retail and finance companies.

We focus on quality, best practices, completeness and ease of use to ensure you get excellent performance and manageability.

Our agile processes incorporate rigorous requirements gathering and excellent communications to create accurate solutions that embrace change.

Our clients are our partners

All of our work starts with understanding your needs and acting on your priorities. Your success is our success. Our approach is collaborative and transparent. Bring us your toughest IT challenges - the initial consultation is always free. Together we provide ways to turn your goals into high value achievements.

Quality and validation

Quality and validation guide every decision we make at Newgrange Technologies , and goes far beyond defect tracking and testing. We validate performance, compliance, availability, security, observability and software requirements. Our validation matrices ensure your solution is complete, reliable and easy to run.

Project definition

Our "requirements first" approach is rigorous yet agile. It is proven to accelerate development, validation and deployment. It fosters high bandwidth communications that maximise creativity, efficiency and agility. All decisions and changes are captured and reviewed, and team morale is increased. Progress and status reports provide clarity and transparency at all times.

Design approach

We prioritize simplicity, clarity, performance and observability. This makes our solutions easy to maintain, manage and monitor. They are reliable and they minimize runtime costs. Draw on our wealth of experience to get the optimum performance, security, reliability, scalability and manageability your solution needs.


Newgrange Technologies takes the time to understand your technology stacks, institutional skills and processes before beginning any solution design. Our approach is tailored to you. We continuously monitor industry best practices and innovations. Together we select best of breed components, architectures and services that work for you.

Contact us for a free consultation and find out how Newgrange Technologies can help your company deliver on it's goals.